The sultry island elvesEdit

Reigning Royalty: Akir Wovenleaf

History and Home:Edit

The coastal elves of Ish'ka located in the Almedean Sea are far from their elder Willowalkers. The island was created by the sister goddesses Geana and Almedea to commemorate the wedding of the Nymph, Sirin and the Abyssal Elf, Karune; the elf had won the Nymph's love by competing in a year-long festival of contests to test his strength, agility, and power against all other elves that would have her. The goddesses rose the island out of the very sea itself and grew a massive tree in the center to serve as their home where they ruled as Queen and her King. The elves of the island will often pay respects to Almedea and Geana, though many also give offerings to others as well. In the coastal elven hierarchy, the female is considered the voice of the nation, and often speaks with Almedea since the goddess favors them.
The island is a city built on love, passion, hard work, and dedication. The land is fertile, and as such, is used for many farmlands. Just as you see the blue waves surrounding the island, you see golden waves of grain in patches behind smaller homes, in the gardens, and in the farmlands as well. Most people work either in farming the land, or fishing from their boat-homes on the sea. They also share the island with the wild cats that inhabit it, many elves will tame them to keep pests away from their homes or shops.

Imports, Exports, and Jobs:Edit


  • Tools (Stone and above)
  • Weapons (Stone and above)
  • Armour (Iron and above)
  • Magical Items and enchantments


  • Food (Wheat, breads, baked goods, meats, etc.)
  • Luxury clothing (Luxury designer labels and rare fabrics / colors)
  • Luxury jewelry (Headpieces made of silver, gold, and diamond that are luxury labeled)

Popular Jobs:Edit

  • Fishing
  • Farming
  • Tailoring
  • Cooking / Baking
  • Jewelcrafting


Ish'ka soon grew popular with other abyssal elves and they took on a new name, Coastal elves. Though they are still close with their brethren, coastal elves have changed in appearance in the past few thousand years since the construction of the city of Ish'ka.
Men and women are made equal on the island, both males and females will work in whatever career they choose and are free to select their mates and the gods/goddesses they want to pay respects to. Young males however, if given the chance to compete in the Courting Festival (See "Festivals" below) most would jump at the chance and begin training for it.
The appearance of coastal elves are one of the most flamboyant in the world. Standing tall, most coastal elves have a height of about 5'7" - 6'3" for both males and females. They have tanned skin from being in the tropical sunlight, as well as bright, gleaming eyes that reflect the ocean they hold so dear. Common eye colors are blue and green. Coastal elves also have vibrant hair colors ranging from blue, green and purple to gold and sometimes even red. Unlike their cousins, coastal elves have long, smooth ears that are pointed at the tip.


Coastal elves are the warriors of fashion. Looking good is a way of life for a coastal elf, so much so that some will spend lavish amounts of money on new outfits since ordering an outfit from an Ish'kan tailor is a luxury item. Most males will tend to forgo a shirt completely and instead wear shorts of some kind with intricate designs and tattoos on their bodies. Females on the other hand have a wide assortment of silhouettes to choose from including dresses, small tops with skirts or shorts, rompers, and swimsuit-like outfits for everyday use. Being a fishing city, many elves will also use equipment as accessories, such as using fishnets over a skirt for a cool effect, or shark tooth necklaces. Many ideas are unique, and have been used for hundreds of years.

Views on other races:Edit

  • Abyssal Elves: Our strong and capable cousins.
  • Humans: Good to trade with, but not much else.
  • Dwarves: Dirty moles with raggedy clothes, keep your distance.
  • Nymphs: Jealous retches, keep your guard up and don't turn your back on them.
  • Avians: They are good friends who have taught us many things.
  • Willowalkers: They're like grandparents that are stuck in their old ways.



Week One - The Goddess Festival

  • This festival is to celebrate the goddesses Geana and Almedea for creating the island and for bringing good fortune upon it's inhabitants. Coastal elves will travel to the goddesses shrines and leave offerings, sometimes the goddesses themselves may even show up to say thanks.

Week Three - Sailing Day

  • Being a city of sailors, naturally you would thank Zii for the gentle breeze guiding your way safely through the sea. On this day, many elves will travel to the god of Air's shrine to bare gifts.


Week One - Swimming Contest

  • Race day! Able bodied men and women of the island take to the sea today to compete in races for prizes. Prizes range from tools and simple building components to enchanted items and rare goods.

Week Three - Fire Festival

  • The coastal elves are a passionate race, and often they will have beach nights with bonfires and dancing. On this day, that is celebrated and Karn hasn't missed a single one. You can bet that the god of fire will be dancing with the elves this night in the light of the bonfire's blaze.


Week Two - Harvest Festival

  • Feasts and full bellies today! The Elven Queen will allow people into the banquet hall today to partake of the feast. Many people also bring offerings of food to Fathe today.


Week Two - Sweet's Day

  • Love is in the air today as men and women, boys and girls of the island bake sweets to give to the person they admire. Most will use cookies or cocoa beans as gifts, but those who are lucky receive a cake.

Last day of Winter - New Year's Festival

  • Feasts in every house and presents galore, ring in the new year with fireworks, games, prizes and more!

Courting Festival:Edit

There is one very old tradition that has been carried throughout centuries from the time Sirin and Karune were wed to the present time. When the young princess of the royal house (Or prince should there not be a princess. However a princess will always take priority over a prince) reaches 300 years of age, festivals will be stopped in her 300th summer, and the courting festival will start. The new festivals will be as follows for that one season:
Week One: Agility Contest

  • A course will be set up over the water to test the men on their speed and stability. They must run from platform to platform over the water. Those who succeed will receive higher scores.

Week Two: Swimming Contest

  • A course will be set up in the water to test the men on their speed in the sea. Those who finish faster will receive higher scores.

Week Three: Archery Contest

  • An archery range will be set up with various obstacles and intervals for the men to take aim at. Those with better accuracy will receive higher scores.

Week Four: Arena Contest

  • A battle of the fittest. The men will compete in an arena to fight each other to declare dominance over each other. The last few men will be put into a free for all and will receive higher scores depending on flourish, power, and defensiveness.

The man with the most points by the end of the contests in the next summer will be declared the victor of the crown and will be wed to the Ish'kan princess. They will be wed that summer, afterwards the festivals will resume as normal until the next courting festival.

Should there be no princess and instead there is a prince, the same event will be held for the elven women of Runaria to attend. They will compete in contests more suited for what the elves look for in their women as opposed to their men so they may become the queen. In this event, the King (Being the rightful heir to the throne will be seen as the more powerful figure, though normally it is the royal princess or queen that is considered more powerful.)

The contests for the Courting Festival for a prince are as follows:

Week One: A Feast

  • Each woman will provide a small feast for the prince, and he will choose his favorites in a list, the higher up on the list, the more points she will get.

Week Two: Songs of the Sea

  • The women will be asked to sing on a stage in front of the crowds of onlookers as the prince sits before her, the best song and melody will earn more points.

Week Three: Archery

  • Even elven women should know how to shoot an arrow from a bow. Shortbows will be used instead of longbows to help accomodate the more slender figures of the women. Better aim earns more points.

Week Four: Dance the Night Away

  • Dancing is an Ish'kan tradition for every young girl and boy. The best dance will earn the most points.

  • Elven women may not compete for the princess, and elven men may not compete for the prince. This rule is simply to make sure the royal family bloodline stays intact.