The Eternals that watch our land

The Four:Edit

The first gods and goddesses that created the world and all that inhabit it.


Goddess of Earth and plantlife

Geana created the Ground of the earth, all of it's precious ores and fertile plants, Geana is the mother of nature and the very lifesource we breathe. Geana created the Willowalkers and the Elves.


Goddess of Water and the sea

Almedea flooded the world with water both drinkable and not, providing sustenance for her sister's plants to thrive. The Elves and Willowalkers worshiped her as well. Almedea then created the Nymphs to dwell in her vast oceans.


God of Fire and energy

Karn breathed life into the earth, letting magma flow and create hard stones and substances better fit for the harsh environments. He brought warmth to the world and with it, passion. Karn created the Hellsprites, beings able to withstand the heat of boiling lava and blistering flames. He then created Dwarves.


God of Air and balance

Zii kept the heat of Karn's passion cool with the gentle breeze over the world. Zii, a child in his human form, is a playful god. Zii created the Avians in his image. Then later, he created the Humans.

Other gods and goddesses:Edit

These Eternals were created by the thoughts and events throughout history


God of Life and Spirit

Alexion was born out of the shells of the Willowalkers, the first race to inhabit the earth. Geana wanted her beings to have emotions and life in them as she did, so she created the god to provide it for them, and to watch over them. As the aeons passed, Alexion has watched over all the races with no biased opinion, giving life to those that deserve it, and healing both body, heart, and mind with time.


God of Death and the Afterlife

Cail was born of the anguish and pain of the Willowalkers once they had lived for hundreds of years, doing the same thing day in and day out with no change. Some pleaded to the Eternals to take their pain away, to free their spirits from their bodies, thus, Cail was born, and emptied them from their mortal shells, leaving them as shades to walk the earth as will-o-wisps. He judges not on a person by their life and how they lived it, he merely gives them release when it is their time. Some stay on earth as the spirits you may see in the night, and others walk the plains of the gods seeking knowledge in their afterlife. Cail has a deep love for Risika even though she would bring utter chaos and destruction to the world, he is drawn to her. Though he doesn't release her from her prison to keep the mortal world safe.


Goddess of the Sun

The Sun holds warmth and life for most things on earth, Karn created Jonia to keep the world in daylight so that life would thrive.


God of the Moon

The Moon keeps the hot surface of the world cool after the day is over. Almedea created Morin in Jonia's image, when she was born, making them twins. They constantly dance together in perfect balance.


Goddess of Healing

Oruah came to life as the races of the land began to fight one another. With fallen soldiers taking their last breaths, Oruah tended to them, healing their bodies and turning them back towards home. Presently, Oruah is often sought after for sick or dying family members. Though she doesn't heal everyone, sometimes it is possible the goddess will have pity on you should you ask for her help. Some of her healing springs can be found throughout the world, but most are kept secret and are found by chance.


Goddess of Art

Isis was born from two other gods; Kaine and Sania. The child goddess is creative and instills artistic abilities in lucky newborns. Many will travel to her shrine while pregnant in hopes the goddess will bless their child.


Goddess of Love

Born from the simple act of passion towards two people, Phaemory is celebrated and many will venture to her shrine in hopes of a strong bond between two lovers.


God of Luck

Zane is a tricky god, created out of spite from one Willowalker to another for having what the other couldn't seem to obtain. The Willowalker had blamed it on an otherworldly cause instead of his hard work, in turn, Zane made his luck sour, to teach him a lesson, he said if he worked hard that good fortune would befall him. Since the lad didn't listen and instead blamed others for his misfortune, he was cast into a state of bad luck. Zane may grant you with luck, good or bad if you give him offerings, but it depends on his mood.


Goddess of Wealth

Sania was given life through a nymph that had hoarded exotic gems. She thought herself better than anyone simply because she had such priceless goods. Others were envious of her wealth, and so Sania was prayed to by them to gain their own wealth to some avail. Sania is a selfish goddess and often considered shallow. Should you bring her offerings, they had best be nothing if not godlike, for she won't bash an eyelash at you if it doesn't shine like the sun. Should she take a liking to you, you may bathe in riches though.


God of Fertility

Kaine was born with Phaemory, making them twins, though they look nothing alike. While the Willowalkers fell in love and became passionate, Kaine gave them the ability to procreate. Many will travel to his shrine to give offerings to ensure a healthy child. Kaine can also be seen often in mortal cities, for he loves to bring the attractive ladies to his chambers. Be wary though, to him it is fun, and that is all it is.


God of the Forge

Born from the heat of the Hellsprite mines and smithies, Haethur was born from the curiosity the Hellsprites had over the gems that littered their mines. Haethur taught them how to use them and how to create tools, and later taught the Dwarves how to make amazing tools, and Abyssal elves how to create weapons and armour. They tried to teach each other how to create tools and weapons but the Dwarves could never make the weapons light enough and the elves could never craft the tools to be durable enough. Other races have picked up knowledge on smithing through them.


Harvest God

Once the Willowalkers had started planting and gathering crops, Fathe was born. He guided the young treefolk and taught them how to utilize the earth to their advantage. He taught them how to till the land and make the soil fertile enough to grow crops. The one exception is the Mage Guild who has used magic to create a fertile place to plant their crops.


God of the Craft

Err dates back to the old world, when the Willowalkers were being taught how to grow crops and make simple tools to help them farm. Err taught them how to make different kinds of food, how to build shelter and useful items that helped them with their everyday life. With his simple inventions, most people can craft at least the very simplistic versions of even Haethur's extravagant tools and weapons.


God of the Hunt

Born of the desire for game and food, the Hellsprites were the first to hunt. With their increased agility, Hellsprites were taught by the god to be stealthy and quick. Because of this, many Hellsprites choose the bow over other weapons since it is Ashur's weapon of choice. Many Hunters will travel to his shrine to give offerings in hope that he will bestow power onto their bow.


God of Storms

A weather-god for lack of a better term, Asan brings rain, snow, sandstorms, clouds, and other natural events as he sees needed. He helps bring balance to the world and many people travel to his shrine to give offerings in hope that the storms will not be too harsh on them or their homes and crops.


Goddess of Trickery and Lies

A goddess born of greed and envy, Erisi is a shapeshifter and a vile being. She lives simply to bring strife and uncertainty to the mortal world. Her shrine lies in a dark corner of the world and although she may seem evil, some see her as simply playful. It has been known that she could give the power of illusion to those lucky enough to catch her on a good day with a grand offering.


Goddess of Suffering and Disease

The dark goddess lies within the hearts of every person, some are strong enough to live through her virus, and others fall victim to it. When someone has pain in their heart and body you can bet that Lilalia is there pulling the strings. Many people venture to her shrine to beg for mercy, and most die along the way. Those that make it are often greeted with nothing but silence and a cold stare, but there's been recordings of a few who came back healthier than ever.


Goddess of Blood and Sacrifice

The goddess created of fear and desperation is one of a harsh reality. Blood is seen as a life force to many, and to some, more so than life or spirit itself. Much blood has been spilled on the alter of Scithra's shrine and the earth has been stained red, even the plant life surrounding it is red in substance. Some people that have been cursed by another god or goddess will sacrifice their prized animals and sometimes even their children to save themselves or their family. Scithra accepts no offering other than blood in some way. There are rumors of some people who follow her that are void of blood in their own bodies, and must take it from others. Tales say that this cult is devoted to Scithra and are heated enemies of the followers of Risika. Scithra is also in love with the god of death, Cail, and would rather he be with her instead of Risika, though Cail doesn't seem to notice her affection, nor does he want it.


Goddess of War and Anger

One of the most powerful gods of them all, Risika was born from the anger that the races felt towards each other. Through all the hate and torment, Risika grew stronger and stronger, raging the wars on longer and longer until the people begged The Four for help. Together they locked her away in her realm without escape. Though you can still call upon her at her shrine to speak with the goddess, many steer clear of her. There is a cult following of the goddess, bent on setting her free relying on the promise that if they set her free they will be spared where instead when she releases herself they would die with the rest of the world. Risika commands an army of the undead, an ability she took from her lover, Cail. She resents him for keeping her locked away even though he could release her, but she still loves him.